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Phyllis Chavez has done something wonderful in combining whimsical (and comical) storytelling with the sad story of our environmental crisis. Her Quackers charm, and sound the alarm for conservation. She has also turned the Rubber Ducky into something other than a mute bathtub artifact. Can Rusty Quacker be the new Smokey the Bear?
Rip Rense/West Los Angeles

I just finished the Quackers in this morning's Press. It("A Taste of Southern Hospitality") was such a beautiful article, evoking the atmosphere of the bayous - and your knowledge of the area and the language  was really wonderful. I especially liked that there was optimism at the end about the new funding and renewed hope for the area. Great job! And a great way to begin my day.
Gail M./Santa Monica

To quote one student: "Hey, when are we gonna get a new Quackers? I'm a fan, you know.":)
I thought of you the other night while I was watching Jeopardy!  I knew one of the answers because of one of your articles.  They showed a photo of the seed vault ("The Big Plan") and asked what it was - and I knew because I learned it from the Quackers! How cool is that?! And the people on Jeopardy! didn't know what it was.  Clearly, they need to start reading the Quackers.
Mariel/middle school teacher/Mar Vista, CA

Your concept is charming and made me smile.
Alice/Los Angeles


The kids are still talking about the hair mats ("Rusty Gets a Haircut").  They had to do an activity in history and a kid made the connection about the SF Bay and the column!
Mariel/middle school teacher/Mar Vista, CA


Congratulations on creating such enjoyable characters that are not only entertaining but have such a positive message.  Very cute.  Todd loves the surfing ducks.  He'll wear his t-shirt when he goes on 'dawn patrol'.

You rock…we love the shirts, and they all fit nicely! You have 4 fans!  

I get so involved in the stories.  They seem so real I forget they are ducks.  I always learn something new.  I love The Quackers!
Rose/Village of Los Ranchos, NM

I have loved reading the Quackers stories, especially the one about the Pacific Flyway. Surfing and saving the Earth - what could be better? And the Quackers tote bag is terrific too!
Zina/Santa Monica

I love my Quacker tee shirt. I would wear one every day if I could. They are so neat. People ask me where I bought the shirt. They would like to buy one too.
Erin Marable, Watrous, NM

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