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Phyllis Chavez is an artist and photographer born in Santa Monica, Ca and raised in Venice, Ca.  She loves to explore the world around her and her own imagination through the media of paint and photography.  Some of her work may be viewed at www.artshow.com.

In 2007 she created The Quackers.  She uses stories and photos to bring to life three young, surfing ducks from the canals of Venice, Ca. who are dedicated to saving the Earth and surfing.  The Quackers have been appearing in a bi-monthly column in the Santa Monica Daily Press Newspaper since July 2008.

When Phyllis created The Quackers she was able to combine painting with photography and then add an additional dimension to her work by adding the written word.  She combines the real world and imagination to create adventures for The Quackers that highlight current environmental issues and concerns in a charming and often whimsical way that always gets the point across.

Phyllis believes The Quacker stories have "something for everyone" and have appeal for all ages.  She is incredibly proud to have had her Quacker stories used in the lesson plans of a sixth grade middle school teacher when she taught ecology in February 2008 at Mark Twain Middle School.  She felt privileged when she was invited to personally meet with these fantastic students and conduct a lively discussion on the stories and a "Q and A" session on the inspiration and creation of The Quackers.  Phyllis says she found 55 wonderful new friends that day.

Ms. Chavez currently resides in Santa Monica, Ca.

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